We are extremely proud of the fact that the vast majority of the new clients we attract, purchase our products as a direct result of being told of the benefits being enjoyed by the person who has recommended the product to them.

All of these recommendations save us a tremendous amount of advertising costs that we would otherwise need to spend on traditional forms of advertising to attract new clients.

We happily pass these savings onto the referrers by way of our generous Affiliate Program.

How to Become an Affiliate:

Once you have purchased your first product, you are automatically enrolled in our Affiliate Program and you will receive an email that contains a link to a page that explains the full details of the program. If you decide our program is a good fit for you, simply start promoting our product range to you family and friends.

NOTE: There is no additional cost whatsoever to become an affiliate. Nor are there any further monthly purchase requirements to be paid affiliate commissions each month on the product purchases of those you have personally introduced to us.