We are extremely proud of the fact that the vast majority of the new clients we attract, purchase our products as a direct result of being told of the benefits being enjoyed by the person who has recommended the product to them.

All of these recommendations save us a tremendous amount of money that we would otherwise need to spend on traditional forms of advertising to attract new clients.

We happily pass these savings onto the referrers by way of the generous Affiliate Program we have developed to fairly reward those who choose to promote our products.

Our affiliate program is very different from most other affiliate programs, in that it has none of the traditional income limiting hoops for affiliates to jump through.

Traditional Hoop One Removed: TOTALLY COST FREE TO JOIN. Unlike MLM companies, we do not charge our affiliates any fees to generate an income from promoting our products.

Traditional Hoop Two Removed: NO RANKS TO ACHIEVE. Forget about having to personally sponsor X number of people, who have to then sponsor Y number of people to get yourself to a decent paying rank. All of our affiliates earn exactly the same commissions on all product sales they generate each month.

Traditional Hoop Three Removed: NO PRODUCT PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS, EVER. While affiliates are welcome to purchase our products (at a very nice discount off retail pricing) at any time, they do not ever need to make any further product purchases, to earn the relevant commissions on all product sales they generate each month.

In Simple English. As you will see by reading the chart below, we offer a two level program. It makes no difference whatsoever how many clients or other affiliates you have on each of these levels. All affiliates are automatically paid the same relevant commissions on all product sales generated on each of those levels each month.

The Affiliate Commission Structure

Note: All stated commission percentages are based on the actual dollar value of the product sale.
Level Retail & Customer Reorders Monthly Autoship Orders
1 25% 15%
2 15% 10%

Affiliate Tools

All affiliates have automatic, TOTALLY COST FREE access to a wide range of promotional tools, that are available from the affiliate back office.


We Provide Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

We are using special Lifetime Commission programming, that automatically allows our affiliates to earn commission for the lifetime of a customer.

Once the customer uses an affiliate’s referral URL to make a product purchase, they are permanently linked to that affiliate, regardless of whether they use another browser or clear their browser cookies before making subsequent purchases.

In simple English, this means that our affiliates are automatically paid the relevant commissions on all product orders, placed at any time, by all customers they have introduced.

Commission Payment Details

We Pay Your Payable Commission Balance by Check or PayPal Every Friday.

Payment of commissions occurs once the affiliate has reached the $30.00 payment threshold. If that amount is not reached in any given pay period, whatever has been earned is rolled-over to the next payment period.

NOTE 1: As we offer all clients a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee, no commissions on product purchases are paid until that 30-day guarantee period, has expired. If one of your referrals orders products today, you will be paid your commission for that payment on the next Friday 30 days from now.

NOTE 2: The reason for the lower commission payments on Autoship Orders, is that we have discounted the price of all products sold on autoship by the substantial amount of 30%.

You are Welcome to Register as an Affiliate

NOTE: If you wish to be paid commissions via PayPal, enter your PayPal email address in the form “Payment Email” field.

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