While your access to the Members Back Office remains unchanged, accessing our brand new, expanded, lucrative Affiliate Program is explained in detail below.

These Options are Available from Your Members Back Office.

  1. Place Product Orders. (Members Product Orders are automatically discounted by 15% off the Retail Pricing.)
  2. Set up, Modify or Cancel Autoship Orders. (Members Autoship Orders are automatically discounted by 30% off the Retail Pricing.)
  3. Update Your Contact Details.
  4. Change Your Password.
  5. Modify your Billing or Shipping Address.
  6. Update your Payment Information.
  7. View your Order History.
  8. Cancel your Membership.
Note: For your own security, please use the logout links to exit these areas when you are finished visiting them. This is particularly important if you are using a publicly accessible computer.


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